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What can I find?

Academic Study Leave

Members of academic staff become eligible to apply for study leave after an inital period of service with the University.

Adoption Leave

Find out what help is available if you have decided to adopt.

Annual Leave

Details of entitlement and guidelines for arranging and taking holidays.

Annual Leave (Additional) Information about buying additional annual leave.
Casual Workers

What you need to know if you wish to employ someone on a casual contract.

Changing Working Hours

Information for staff and line managers on how to approve a change of hours.


Information for members of staff with children.

Compassionate Leave

Information to help members of staff needing to take time off due to a bereavement or serious family illness.

Counselling and Wellbeing

Talk through problems and find solutions with the help of a professional counsellor.

Dignity at Work

Information to help staff if they feel they have become a victim of harassment.


Information about the management of conduct and discipline at work.

Dismissal (SOSR)

Details about the University's policy and approach to dismissals for 'Some Other Substantial Reason'.

Employee Study and Training Leave

Make a request for time off to study or attend training away from work.

Fixed-Term Contracts and Externally funded Posts

Everything you need to know about how to manage fixed-term contracts.

Flexible Working

Find out if you are eligible to make a request and how to apply.


Guidance is available for departments that may wish to operate flex-time for support staff.


Details of the University's framework for handling serious complaints, disputes or disagreements that specifically relate to employment.

Harassment (now Dignity at Work)

Information to help staff if they feel they have become a victim of harassment.

Honorary and Emeritus Titles

Detailed information is available for departments who may wish to recognise a contribution external to the University, or for current members of senior academic staff upon their retirement

Ill-Health Capability

Find out how to handle employment issues arising from serious, long-term ill-health, disability or incapacity.

Indeterminate Hours

Guidance for members of staff in grades 6 and above.

Leave of Absence

Academic staff may make an application for short-term periods of absence, subject to certain qualifying criteria.

Maternity Leave

Information on rights and entitlements for staff wishing to take maternity leave.

Medical Records

Information about the University obtaining medical records.

Occupational Health

Learn more about the role of OH at the University.


Find out more about the arrangements governing overtime and extra hours.

Parental Leave

Guidance is available for members of staff who need to take unpaid parental leave.

Paternity Leave

Details of the rights and entitlements for staff wishing to take paternity leave.

Performance Management

The University's Ordinance outlines the framework for managing performance.

Personal Relationships Guidance for staff to manage any personal relationships in the workplace.

Understand how performance will be managed during probation (up to 12 months' service).

Public Service and Duty Leave

Members of staff undertaking voluntary public service may be able to take paid leave of absence.

Reasonable Adjustments Further information for staff who may need adjustments to help them in the workplace.

Learn more about the Redeployment process.


The University's Ordinance explains how the compulsory redundancy process works.


Guidance for members of staff who have been asked to provide a reference for another colleague, together with details on obtaining a corporate reference in support of a mortgage or tenancy application.

Removal from Office

How to deal with the early termination of a set number of remunerated non-substantive appointments.


Advice for members of staff and line managers following receipt of a resignation.


HR can provide advice if you are thinking about a restructure in your area.

Retirement Information about retiring from the University.

Help is at hand to advise what preparations need to be made in relation to secondment opportunities.

Shared Parental Leave Information on the rights and entitlements for staff wishing to take shared parental leave.

View the University's Policy on a smoke-free environment.

Social Media Helpful guidelines on interacting with social media as a member of University staff.
Special Leave Details of how to take leave not covered in other policies.
Special Study Leave

This may be available to staff preparing for the REF and is complementary to the existing study leave scheme.

Staff Development

Details of courses and workshops to support Performance Management, plus information on the University's appraisal system.

Staff Ordinances Information about the University's governance on staffing-related matters.

Staff Volunteering

Read the University's policy and procedure on employer supported volunteering.

Read the University's policy on Stress Management and access guidance material for both members of staff and managers.

Terms and Conditions

Information about terms and conditions of employment.

Time Off for Dependants

Members of staff can take a short amount of unpaid time off to deal with specific circumstances involving a dependant.

Time Off for Medical Appointments

Find out what you need to do if you have to take time out to attend an appointment.

Time Off in Lieu

Help with the arrangements that are available when additional hours are worked.

Transitioning Guidance to support our transgender staff through transitioning.

Find out more about the TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking for the Protection of Employment) regulations.

Unpaid Leave

Find out which situations might be appropriate for unpaid time off work.

Updating Information

Help us keep our records up to date by letting us know about changes to your details such as name, address, department etc.

Useful Dates

Dates of Terms, Semesters and other key dates, such as Bank Holidays, to help you plan time off.


View the University's policy on making a Public Interest Disclosure.

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