Policies, Procedures, Guidance etc

File Academic Study Leave Application Form
File Academic Study Leave Departmental Grid
File Academic Study Leave Output Report Form
File Academic Study Leave Policy
File Academic Study Leave Procedure
File Adoption Leave Notification Form
File Adoption Policy
File Adoption Procedure
Annual Leave Purchase Scheme
File Casual Time Sheet
File Change Personal Details
File Data Protection and HR
File Discipline Ordinance Policy
File Discipline Ordinance Procedure
File Dismissal for SOSR Ordinance Policy
File Dismissal for SOSR Ordinance Procedure
File Emeritus Professor - Process Flowchart
File Emeritus Professor - Nomination Form
File Employee Self-Service step-by-step guide
File Employee Study and Training Policy
File Employee Study and Training Procedure
File Exit Interviews Flow-Chart
File Fixed Term Contracts Policy
File Fixed Term Contracts Procedure
File Flexi-time Scheme Guidelines
File Flexi-time Timesheet Example
File Flexible Working Application Form
File Flexible Working - Communication
File Flexible Working Guidance Document
File Flexible Working Policy
File Flexible Working Procedure
File Grievance Ordinance Policy
File Grievance Ordinance Procedure
File Holiday Calculator
File Holiday Calculator 2013
File Holiday Calculator 2014
File Holiday Calculator 2015
File Holiday Calculator 2016
File Holiday Calculator 2017
File Holiday Calculator 2018
File Holiday Calculator 2019
File Honorary Titles Application Form (old)
File Honorary Title Application Form
File Ill Health Capability Ordinance Policy
File Ill Health Capability Ordinance Procedure
File Indeterminate Hours Guidance
File Leave Calculation - Additional Guidance
File Leave of Absence Application Form
File Leaving Checklist
File Leaving Form
File Management of Stress Policy & Procedure
File Maternity FAQs.pdf
File Maternity Leave Notification Form
File Maternity Policy
File Maternity Procedure
Maximising Attendance
File Medical Records Form
File Medical Records Rights
File Occupational Health (Employee Guidance)
File Occupational Health (Manager Guidance)
File Ordinance on Academic Freedom
File Overtime Guidance
File Parental Leave Policy
File Parental Leave Procedure
File Paternity Leave Notification Form (Additional)
File Paternity Leave Notification Form (Ordinary)
File Paternity Policy & Procedure
File Performance Management Ordinance Policy
File Performance Management Ordinance Procedure
File Personal Relationships
File Probation Form A1 - T&R Academics
File Probation Form A2 - TD Academics
File Probation Form B - HoDs (for academic staff)
File Probation Form - Non-Academic
File Probation Ordinance Policy
File Probation Ordinance Procedure
File Public Service Leave
File Recruitment and Retention Allowances
File Redeployment Policy & Procedure
File Redeployment Flowchart
File Redundancy Letter 1 - Notification 1
File Redundancy Letter 2 - Summary
File Redundancy Letter 3 - Notification 2
File Redundancy Letter 4 - Withdraw
File Redundancy Letter 5 - Notice
File Redundancy Ordinance Policy
File Redundancy Ordinance Procedure
File Redundancy Flowchart
File References Guidance (requesting)
File References Guidance (writing)
File Reference Request Form
File Removal from Office Ordinance Policy
File Removal from Office Ordinance Procedure
File Retirement Procedure
File Routes to Engagement
Route to Engagement flow chart
File Sickness (Fitness for Work Statement)
File Sickness (Return to Work Interview Form)
File Sickness Policy
File Sickness Procedure
File SPL Form A1
Adoption Leave Curtailment Notice
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