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This section of our site aims to provide a quick reference point for the most frequently asked questions that HR receive.

Some of the enquiries that come through to us relate to matters which are directly handled by HR - where this is the case, we have provided links to the relevant parts of our main site.

For those topics that are managed by other areas of the University, we have provided some basic information, together with links to websites or contacts that may of interest.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, please submit another question. Alternatively, you can e-mail HR or telephone the advice line on (0116) 252 2439.

Access cards

The Division of Estates and Facilities Management is responsible for the management of access cards/security passes for buildings across the University.  You can obtain further information on the Division's Security website, or by calling (0116) 252 2023.

Bank accounts

If you do not already have a UK bank account, you will need to apply for one in order to receive your salary payments.  To do this, you must apply directly to a UK bank of your choice.  Our recruitment team may be able to provide further advice, if required.  They can be contacted by email at or by calling (0116) 252 5639.

Campus facilities

Information can be found on the campus facilities web page.

Casual contracts

A casual employment form must be completed in advance if you need to engage someone on a casual basis.  Take a look at our section about casual workers for further details.

Changing address or personal information

Please complete a change to personal details form.

Hours of work

If you want to change the hours you currently work, please see the changing working hours in the contract management section of our website.


Detailed information can be found in the Absence and Attendance section of our website.


Your department is responsible for completing an induction.  The Staff Development Partnership also provides information about induction on their website.


Our section on Annual Leave provides more information about holiday entitlements and procedures.

There are a range of other types of leave that may apply to members of staff eg compassionate, study etc.  Please see our section on Absence and Attendance for further details.


We have a section dedicated to maternity and pregnancy-related matters within our website, which provides a range of information and advice.

Medical appointments

You must discuss arrangements in respect of time off for medical appointments with your line manager.  Please take a look at the more in-depth information on our site for further guidance.

National Insurance (NI) numbers

Every member of staff working for the University must have an NI number.  Please speak to our recruitment team if you do not already have one.  They can be contacted by email at or by calling (0116) 252 5639.

P45s and P60s

You should contact Payroll in the Division of Finance and Business Development if you need a P45 and/or P60.  They can be contacted by email at or by calling (0116) 252 2401.

Parking permits

You can apply for a parking permit from the Division of Estates and Facilities Management by visiting the Security Lodge in person, or via the Security Office web pages, where you can download the relevant application form.



All enquiries relating to pensions are handled by a dedicated team within the Division of Finance and Business Development.  You can telephone them on (0116) 252 2794.  Further information is available on the Pensions Office web page.


Advice is available if you need to prepare a job reference or obtain a statement of employment.  Please read through the guidance on references.

Training and development

Opportunities can be based around a business or personal development need, all of which will need to be agreed with your line manager, in the first instance.  Further details can be found at on the Staff Development Partnership's website or by calling (0116) 252 5118/5680.

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