Hiring through Unitemps Or Recruitment Agency (Hays)

If you need to hire someone for a period of less than twelve weeks, this needs to be handled through either the Unitemps' Branch, or the Atypicals Team, using a 'Contract for Service'.

Please note that budgetary approval must be obtained before hiring.

It is a condition of the University's Financial Regulations that where the total cost of work is likely to exceed either:

  • £5,000 in any twelve month period; or
  • Four weeks in duration (regardless of cost); that

Departments/Divisions must seek budgetary approval from either the relevant Head of College or Director of Administration/College Accountant, before requesting a worker.

Before Unitemps/Atypicals can create an assignment for the engagement of an individual, the University requires that:

  • A clear business need for the assignment can be established
  • Budgetary provision is identified and approved by an appropriate departmental authorised signatory
  • Any potential conflict of interest is declared

In order to meet these requirements, the Hiring Manager must complete and submit a Word Temporary Worker Requisition Form (DOCX, 87KB) - for non-teaching/non-research assignments. For Atypical recruitment guidance please click here.

Additionally, because Unitemps assignments can only be established for a maximum of twelve weeks in the first instance, where a business need can be established for an extension beyond this initial period and budgetary provision is available, the Hiring Manager will need to complete an Word Extension of Unitemps Assignment Form (DOCX, 86KB).

Please note that Unitemps/Atypicals will not be able to either set up an assignment, nor action an extension until the appropriate form has been completed.

All engagements made through Unitemps will be paid via the University’s monthly payroll and will be subject to deductions required by law for income tax and national insurance, and to pension auto-enrolment procedures.

For more information, please visit the Unitemps website or visit Atypicals website in the case of teaching/research work) and/or the Unitemps' Questions and Answers page.


Use of recruitment agencies

If Unitemps are unable to fill your vacancy, we now have a preferred supplier agreement with HAYS (an external recruitment agency), who are able to offer a cost effective alternative to meet your requirements.  It contravenes University procurement regulations to use another other agency without express written permission from the Procurement Team in the University's Division of Finance.

Multiple contracts

It is possible that individuals might have a part-time contract of employment with the University and also undertake an assignment via Unitemps/Atypicals on a contract for service.

Where two distinct contracts exist, with the same or different employers, it is possible, where duties vary, that they are incapable of working through ill-health under one contract, but fit enough and capable of working under another.  When a person has one or more contracts with the same or different employers trading in association, and their earnings are aggregated for the purposes of National Insurance contributions, they must be incapable of work under all contracts, before they can be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay.

Further information

Should any further guidance be required in using the Mandatory Contract, please contact the appropriate Category Manager in the Procurement Unit.

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