Information for U.K. students

1. Do I need to register with a local doctor?

Illness can affect any one of us at any time. For this reason you are advised to register with a local doctor (G.P.). Doctors, nurses and administrative staff at the Victoria Park Health Centre have expertise in ‘student health’ and they work closely with the University to support students at times of ill health.

2. How do I find out about local doctors?

Information about the Victoria Park Health Centre and how to register can be found on their website at The Victoria Park Health Centre usually have registration sessions during the first week of the academic year in halls of residence. It is advisable to register during your first week. However if this is not possible, registration can be done at any time.

Victoria Park Health Centre will register students and staff living locally. Information about other health centres can be found at

3. What if I am already registered with a doctor?

If you are currently registered with a doctor elsewhere, the University recommends that you transfer to the Victoria Park Health Centre whilst you are a student at the University of Leicester so that the doctors have access to your medical history and are then better equipped to help you. If you are currently registered with a G.P. in Leicestershire and continue to live in their catchment area there is no need to transfer.

4. What if I need health care whilst away from Leicester?

If you are elsewhere during vacation and in need of medical help, you can register there as a temporary resident at the time. If or when you move away from Leicester, possibly after completing your course you should register again with a health centre in the area you move to. It should be possible to re-register with your original health centre if you return to your home town/area.

5. What information do I need to register with a local doctor?

When you register, the health centre will require your address in Leicester and details of the G.P. you are currently registered with; if you have it, take along your current NHS card.  Once you have registered with a local G.P. / health centre you will be sent a new NHS card.  This is proof that you are registered for NHS treatment.  If you have not received the card within two months of registering, contact the health centre who will advise what you should do.  The card will be sent to the address you provided so it is essential that you notify the health centre if your address changes.

6. Will I have to pay to register?

  • Registration is free
  • You can only be registered with one G.P. / Health Centre at any time.

7. What if I have a diagnosed condition or awaiting diagnosis?

If when you come to University you have a pre existing condition, are already under the care of a ‘specialised’ team either receiving treatment or waiting for an appointment, it is still advisable to register at the Victoria Park Health Centre.  On arrival, once registered, make an appointment to discuss with one of the G.P.’s who will then be in a better position to help while you are here in Leicester and to communicate with the relevant doctors.

If you require more specialised or hospital services you will need to be referred by a G.P.


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