FriendsLife Stakeholder Pension Scheme

Since 1st August 2003, the relevant pension scheme for members of staff on Grades 1 to 5, as well as for workers who are not on University grades, is the University of Leicester Stakeholder Pension Scheme, which is a defined contribution pension scheme that is provided by FriendsLife.

In addition to the standard pension benefits offered by FriendsLife, the University has arranged life assurance and permanent health insurance policies.for the benefit of Stakeholder Pension Scheme members

Details of the pension, including a key features document and information on the available investment funds can be found at the FriendsLife website.

The University has also published Members booklets for each strand of the Stakeholder Pension

Change in the Default Investment fund

From 1st January 2016 the default investment fund for the Stakeholder Pension Scheme changed from the Baillie Gifford Managed Fund to the FriendsLife My Future Fund for all new entrants to the Scheme after this date.

Transfer to the FriendsLife My Future Fund is not automatic for existing Scheme members. During April/May 2016.members were invited to attend presentations by FriendsLife explaining the reasons for the change. A pdf file of the presentation is available here.

To change your investment fund or to get further information on the changes contact FriendsLife on 0345 602 9221 or go online at

Change in the Level of your contributions

If you wish to amend the level of your contributions you should complete PART A of the FriendsLife Contribution Amendment and Salary Sacrifice form and return the completed form to the Pensions Office

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