Introduction of Online Salary Statements via Employee Self Service (ESS)

The University is to end the routine of issuing paper Pay Advice statements to monthly paid employees.

With effect from November 2014, information confirming details of pay and associated deductions will only be available from the electronic Salary Statement held within the Employee Self Service (ESS) facility.

Further details on this change, including Iinformation on how to access ESS can be found in the FAQ’s below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Paper Pay Advice statements will continue to be provided to WEEKLY PAID EMPLOYEES as well as to CASUAL WORKERS engaged through the Unitemps Office.

If you have any queries please email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

At the end of each month you will no longer receive a printed Pay Advice statement through the University’s internal mail. Instead, an online Salary Statement will be available for you to view (and print if required). This can be accessed via the University’s online Employee Self Service facility


What is an online salary statement?

The online Salary Statement replaces the previous printed Pay Advice statements that you will have received at the end of each month.


Why has the University introduced online Salary Statements?

 Online Salary Statements have been introduced as part of the development of the Employee Self Service facility which aims to improve systems and access to information across the University. The introduction of online Salary Statements provides several advantages to both staff and the University including:-

  • As they are accessed via ESS, which requires individuals to log in to their University IT account, online Salary Statements offer greater security of personal information.
  • They can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer on campus.
  • By eliminating printed Pay Advice statements, significant reductions can be made in the amount of paper used as well as the energy required to deliver the statements around the campus, helping the University to meet its commitment to reducing its environmental impact.
  • They raise staff awareness and encourage usage of the other self-service functions available via ESS.

How / where do I access my online Salary Statement?

You can access your online salary statement by following these simple steps:-

Step One: From the University staff homepage click on the ‘Employee Self Service’ link or enter the following url directly into your web browser:

Step Two: Enter your University IT account username and password

Step Three: Click on salary statement below the Payments heading and your online salary statement will open automatically.

To exit ESS click on ‘Log out’ at the top right hand corner of the screen.


Does the content of the online salary statement differ from my current Pay Advice statement?

There are some minor variations in the content and layout of the online salary statement, but the key information remains the same.


Will the introduction of online Salary Statements affect how and when I am paid?

No, the introduction of online Salary Statements is simply a change in the way that you receive notification of your pay. Your pay will continue be transferred via BACS directly into your bank account on the last working day of each month.


How long will my online Salary Statements be available to view for?

From November 2014 onwards, all future Salary Statements will be retained on the ESS facility and will be available for you to view.


Do I need a new username and password?

No, your current IT Account username and password will enable you to access ESS.


As access to my payslip is available through ESS, do I now need to change my University IT account password to ensure security?

No, there is no need to change your password provided that you have kept it secure. However, if you have any doubts you can change your password here


I haven’t used ESS before / don’t use ESS very often and I am concerned about using it – will I need training to access my online Salary Statement?

It is easy to access your online Salary Statement – just follow the steps detailed in FAQ 3 above ‘How / where do I access my online Salary Statements?’


When in the month will I be able to view my online Salary Statement?

Online Salary Statements will be available on the ESS facility at least one working day before salaries are paid.


Can I access my online Salary Statement at home?

For security reasons, you will not be able to access your online Salary Statement from home. However, you will be able to access SAP ESS from mobiles or other devices that are connected to Eduroam at the University which is within our managed network infrastructure.


Can I print my online Salary Statement?

Yes, online Salary Statements can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document when using a pdf viewer. Simply select the print icon in the pdf viewer, which will appear above your Salary Statement. Your Salary Statement will print on your selected default printer. If this is not a University MFD which requires security card authentication, it is recommended that you exercise caution especially when using shared printers or printers in shared offices or public areas.


How will I view my online Salary Statement if I am away from the University, e.g. for maternity leave or long term sick leave?

Staff who are away from the campus for long periods of time can request to receive their Salary Statements in hardcopy format by contacting the Payroll Office by emailing or calling on 0116 2522401


What is the legal position regarding the provision of Salary Statements?

Employers are obliged to provide employees with an itemised pay advice on or before payday. This requirement is met by the provision of online Salary Statements.


My mortgage lender and/or bank requires a hard copy of my payslips, can I still receive paper Pay Advice statements if required?

If your mortgage lender or bank will not accept a printed copy of your online Salary Statement, you can request a certified Statement of Earnings by contacting the Payroll Office by emailing or calling on 0116 2522401


What should I do if I think the details on my online Salary Statement are incorrect?

You should contact the Payroll Office by emailing or calling on 0116 2522401


I am weekly paid – will I still receive a paper based Pay Advice statement?

Yes, the University recognises that weekly paid staff generally does not have access to a computer at work. Therefore paper based Pay Advice statements will continue to be produced for this group of employees


I am engaged through Unitemps – will I still receive a paper based Pay Advice statement?

Yes, for Unitemps workers paper based Pay Advice statements will continue to be sent to home addresses.


Will I be able to access my online Salary Statement if I leave the University ?

When you leave the University your University IT Account will be disabled and you will not therefore be able to access your online Salary Statements. If you require previous online Salary Statements, you will need to print them before you leave the University.

 The Payroll Office will produce a hard copy of your final month’s online Salary Statement and will send this, together with your P45 to your home address. It is important therefore, that the home address held on the University systems is correct. Your home address can also be viewed, and if necessary modified, using the Employee Self Service system.


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