Taxis for Late Working

5.6.26 When an employee is required to work late, the University will reimburse the employee for the cost of the taxi fare home where:

(a) The employee is occasionally required to work late (that is, until after 9.00pm or later) but those occasions are neither regular nor frequent; and
(b) By the time the employee can go home, either public transport between the employee's place of work and home has ceased or it would not be reasonable in the circumstances for the employee to be expected to use it.

5.6.27 For these purposes, late working will be regarded as frequent if it occurs on more than 60 occasions in a tax year, and regular means a predictable pattern, for example if late night working occurs every Friday.

5.6.28 Employees may claim reimbursement of the cost of taxis under the rules applicable to business expense reimbursements. Agency staff may not claim such costs.

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