Costs of Working from Home

5.6.22 The University provides all the facilities necessary for work to be carried out on its premises. An employee may claim to be home based but in essence the employee is working from home because it is convenient to them rather than a necessity of their employment and therefore does not qualify as home being the base rather than the appropriate University campus. Working from home requires the approval of the Head of Department.

5.6.23 Goods and services for University use should normally be delivered to University premises and not a home address. If goods or services are delivered to a home address the reasons should be stated on the invoice for the items.

5.6.24 Departments should not normally provide equipment to work at home, except for laptops which are owned by the University. Any extra costs of working from home will not be met by the University, except in exceptional circumstances which must be approved by the Director of Finance on the recommendation of the Head of Department. If any special equipment is provided this remains the property of the University, and staff need to abide by tax regulations which will normally require agreement that the equipment is used exclusively for work (otherwise a benefit-in-kind arises, creating a tax liability).

5.6.25 The University will not meet the cost of Internet access for members of staff from home.

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