5.5 Removal Expenses

5.5.1 A contribution to removal expenses may be claimed by any new member of the staff appointed at grade six or above provided that the conditions below are met.

(a) The appointment is to the staff of the University on an open-ended contract, subject to notice, or for a fixed term with an initial contract of more than one year;
(b) The applicant, upon taking up his/her appointment or shortly thereafter, and in order to comply with the University's normal expectation that staff should live in or near to Leicester, has moved his/her place of residence to be within reasonable commuting distance of Leicester so that the distance travelled to work does not interfere with the person’s performance of their duties.

5.5.2 Awards are normally made only in respect of an initial appointment and claims must be made within 12 months of taking up the appointment.

5.5.3 Where the employment of a member of staff engaged on a fixed-term contract of one year or less is extended beyond a total of one year's service to the University, he or she will be eligible to apply for removal expenses under the scheme, provided that:

(a) He or she has moved to an address as set out in 1 above; and
(b) The claim is submitted within 18 months of the commencement of the employment with the University.

5.5.4 Members of staff, moving within the UK in the above categories, will be eligible to apply for assistance up to a total equivalent to one twelfth of the annual gross salary indicated in the letter of appointment.

5.5.5 For members of staff living abroad at the time of appointment, a maximum entitlement will be determined in each individual case by the Director of Finance and the candidate offered appointment is asked to initiate discussions at an early date and prior to making any financial commitments related to the move.

5.5.6 Members of staff must submit an itemised claim accompanied by original receipts. Reimbursement cannot be made without positive proof that payment has been made. The University will recognise as allowable expenses against the above entitlement expenditure incurred in the following:

(a) The cost of removal of furniture and effects including the cost of insurance and storage where appropriate;
(b) Legal and estate agents fees incurred in the sale and purchase of property;
(c) The costs of one journey by the member of staff and dependants in moving to the new home;
(d) Such other expenses as the University recognises as being reasonably incurred consequent upon the transfer.

5.5.7 Only one set of payments may be made in respect of removals. Expenses in respect of which payment is made must have been incurred by the applicant who must certify that they are not recoverable in full or in part from any other source.

5.5.8 If the member of staff leaves the employment of the University within one year they are required to make a repayment of a proportion of the costs claimed. The proportion to be repaid is one twelfth for each month short of one year that the individual is in employment.

5.5.9 The University reserves the right to amend these arrangements in particular cases where special circumstances prevail. Such exceptional cases will be determined by the Director of Finance.

5.5.10 The Relocation Expenses Grant Claim Form is available on the Finance Office website.


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