5.4 Catering

5.4.1         The University provides many services in-house and it is the normal expectation that departments utilise these services rather than seek external suppliers. This policy is particularly important in the area of catering services because of the legislative requirements placed on the University.

5.4.2         It is, therefore, a requirement that all catering services provided by the University to staff, students and visitors on University premises, are normally provided by Residential and Commercial Services.

5.4.3         If, for some reason, it is not possible for Residential and Commercial Services to provide a service, any external organisation wishing to make a supply must be approved as a supplier before they are engaged for that event. The approval process will involve:-

      • An inspection by the Director of Residential and Commercial Services (or nominee) of the company’s procedures and premises as deemed appropriate.
      • An annual presentation by the Company of their insurance policies to the Insurance Officer in the Estates Office as appropriate.

5.4.4         Departments wishing to use an external supplier should contact the Director of Residential and Commercial Services in the first instance.

5.4.5         If catering is to be provided away from the main campus, Residential and Commercial Services should be contacted in the first instance to assess whether they can provide the required service. Catering on NHS premises is subject to alternative arrangements through the NHS.

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