Spouses' Travel and Subsistence

5.3.36 Expenses for spouses are not normally reclaimable from the University. The claiming of expenses in relation to any non-University staff who are acting on official business (for example, partners or spouses of members of staff) is to be authorised by the President and Vice-Chancellor or Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (or in the case of the President and Vice-Chancellor, by the Chairman of Council). As a general rule, private expenditure should not be paid for by the University but where this is unavoidable a cheque to cover the private element should be attached to any payment voucher when it is passed to the Finance Office.

5.3.37 There are times when a member of staff is required to work away from the University and is joined at that location by a spouse/partner. In such cases, where a hotel room is shared, there is a requirement for the member of staff to demonstrate, with supporting evidence, that the cost claimed is no more than the cost of a standard room with single occupancy.


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