4.7 Miscellaneous Provisions

4.7.1. Document Retention

(a) All Contract records, that might be required in court proceedings must be retained for at least six years and any under seal for at least twelve years from expiry of the Contract.

(b) Where the Contract is externally funded any contingent liabilities and/or grant conditions must be taken account of by the length of the retention period.

4.7.2. Supervision of Contracts by Third Parties

(a) The Procurer shall ensure that it is a condition of any Contract between the University and any Person (not being an employee of the University) who is involved in a Procurement Exercise or the management of a Contract on behalf of the University that in relation to that Contract he must comply with the requirements of these Regulations and other reasonable requirements of the University.

(b) Such Person must:

(i) at any time during the carrying out of the Contract produce to the Head of Department or his representative or University Auditor on request all records maintained by him in relation to the Contract; and

(ii) on completion of the Contract transmit all records to the Head of Department.

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