3.3 Departmental Development Funds

3.3.1 In addition to recurrent non-pay budgets, departments are encouraged to earn external income which can be placed within departmental development funds. The funds are available for deploying at the discretion of the department within the acknowledged teaching and research objectives of the department.

3.3.2 Examples of income which would be placed in the departmental development fund are:

  • Income due to an individual member of staff as part of a University consultancy service
  • Department share of overheads on research contracts and other services rendered
  • Special funds for drug trials etc.
  • Gifts and donations which are not for a specific purpose

3.3.3 The overhead and surplus amounts transferred to departmental funds from Research Grants and Contracts will be transferred to departmental development funds. Departments have discretion as to how far the funds should be used for the various potential purposes, and how far the funds should be placed at the disposal of the groups, the individuals and activities which generated them, or whether they should be pooled for the general benefit of the department. A good practice guide for the operation of departmental development funds is included as Appendix B.

3.3.4 Funds are part of normal University finances and may only, therefore, be used for items properly chargeable to public funds. The funds are not available for personal payments.

3.3.5 As with all University funds, it is an audit requirement that invoices and other supporting documents be obtained and that appropriate documentation is provided to support any accounting transaction (including journal transfers). All expenditure from departmental development funds must be authorised in accordance with the normal procedures for any University expenditure.

3.3.6 Within the departmental development fund departments may choose to set up Miscellaneous Income Fund (MIF) accounts for holding funds for groups and individuals within the department.

3.3.7 MIF accounts may be spent at the discretion of the Head of Department. They can only hold funds relating to University departments and expenditure from them is subject to any overarching University policies.

3.3.8 Departmental development funds and MIF accounts may not be used to provide financial assistance to students or to pay their fees, except in the case of scholarships advertised competitively. Departmental budgets are also not to be used to provide financial assistance to students or to pay their fees. Fee waivers for research students must be approved in advance by the College and UPMG / Provost. Cases of student financial hardship should be referred to the Welfare Services Office who administer the various hardship funds. In addition departmental budgets and Miscellaneous Income Funds cannot be used to provide scholarships for named individuals on a non-competitive basis.

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