3.18 Other Items

3.18.1 Where a deed or document requires the University’s seal, it must be sealed by the Registrar and Secretary or, in his or her absence, the Director of Finance, in the presence of a member of Council.

3.18.2 The Registrar and Secretary is responsible for submitting a report to each meeting of Council detailing the use of the University’s seal since the last meeting.

3.18.3 The Registrar and Secretary is responsible for the safekeeping of official and legal documents relating to the University. Signed copies of deeds, leases, agreements and contracts must, therefore, be forwarded to the Registrar and Secretary. All such documents shall be held in an appropriately secure, fireproof location and copies held at a separate location.

3.18.4 Keys to safes or other similar containers are to be carried on the person of those responsible at all times and must not be left on University premises overnight or outside of business hours. The loss of such keys must be reported to the Director of Finance and the Director of Estates immediately.

3.18.5 Petty Cash advances may be made by the Director of Finance to a Head of Department or to an authorised member of staff. Petty Cash advances are intended only for urgent or minor day to day expenses of the department. Petty Cash should not be used for making payments to suppliers with whom the University has credit account facilities. Petty Cash Accounts should be records only of expenditure. In no circumstances should cash received be paid into these accounts.

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