3.13 Insurance

3.13.1 The Director of Estates is responsible for the University’s insurance arrangements, including the provision of advice on the types of cover available. As part of the overall risk management strategy, all risks will have been considered and those most effectively dealt with by insurance cover will have been identified. Further details on insurance can be found on the Insurance Section web page.

3.13.2 Heads of Department must ensure that any agreements negotiated within their departments with external bodies cover any legal liabilities to which the University may be exposed. The Director of Estates’ advice should be sought to ensure that this is the case. Heads of Department must give prompt notification to the Director of Estates of any potential new risks and additional property and equipment that may require insurance and of any alterations affecting existing risks. Heads of Department must advise the Director of Estates immediately of any event that may give rise to an insurance claim. The Director of Estates will notify the University’s insurers and, if appropriate, prepare a claim in conjunction with the Head of Department for transmission to the insurers. Non-disclosure of any agreements can invalidate the University’s insurance covers.

3.13.3 All staff using their own private vehicles on behalf of the University must notify their motor insurers and maintain appropriate insurance cover for business use.

3.13.4 Staff may sometimes be asked to sign indemnity forms, particularly when visiting third party sites. All such documents should be referred to the Insurance Section of the Estates Office for agreement and authorization.

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