3.11 Services to Business and the Community

3.11.1 Non-award bearing academic services will normally comprise non-award bearing short courses, conferences and consultancy work. Departments are encouraged to engage in academic services to business and the community, especially where this will generate new external income.

3.11.2 Non-award bearing academic services must be coded appropriately within the financial system to ensure that activity across the University can be measured. Therefore departments engaging in such activities should contact the Management Accounting Section of the Finance Office for guidance on the codes to use.

3.11.3 Further guidance and support on the establishment of non-award bearing short courses and conferences is available from the Institute of Lifelong Learning, CPD section.

3.11.4 All non-award bearing academic services are expected to be self-financing or surplus-generating unless it is intended that a new course is to be launched as a loss leader. If that is the case, the reason for it must be specified and agreed by the head of department and the Director of Finance.

3.11.5 Services must be costed and agreed with the Director of Finance before any commitments are made. Provision must be made for charging both direct and indirect costs in accordance with the University’s costing and pricing policy, in particular for the recovery of overheads.

3.11.6 Any unplanned deficits incurred on other income-generating activities will be charged to departmental funds.

3.11.7 Distribution of profits on other income-generating activity between central funds of the University and individual departments will be in accordance with the policy approved by the Finance Committee.

3.11.8 Any proposal that involves additional payments to members of staff should be supported by a schedule of names and values and must be approved by the head of department, and in the case of a head of department, the President and Vice-Chancellor.

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