3.10 Research Grants and Contracts

3.10.1 Where approaches are to be made to outside bodies for support for research projects or where contracts are to be undertaken on behalf of such bodies, it is the responsibility of the head of department to ensure that the financial implications have been appraised by the Research Support Office. This will include obtaining a set of grant terms and conditions from each organisation providing funding to enable appropriate monitoring of compliance.

3.10.2 The research agreement must be in line with the University’s policy with regard to indirect costs and other expenses and taking account of different procedures for the pricing of research projects depending on the nature of the funding body.

3.10.3 Research grants and contracts shall be accepted on behalf of the University by the Research Support Office.

3.10.4 The Research Support Office shall maintain all financial records relating to research grants and contracts and shall initiate all claims for reimbursement from sponsoring bodies by the due date.

3.10.5 Each grant or contract will have a named supervisor or grant holder and will be assigned to a specific budget holder.

3.10.6 Any overspend or under-recovery of overheads is clear responsibility of the department with any loss being a charge on departmental funds.

3.10.7 Many grant-awarding bodies and contracting organisations stipulate conditions under which their funding is given. In addition, there are often procedures to be followed regarding the submission of interim or final reports or the provision of other relevant information. Failure to respond to these conditions often means that the University will suffer a significant financial penalty. It is the responsibility of the named supervisor or grant holder to ensure that conditions of funding are met.

3.10.8 The Estates Office should be notified of any activity which might affect the University’s insurance liabilities.

3.10.9 Any loss to the University resulting from a failure to meet conditions of funding is the responsibility of the budget holder, and will be charged against departmental funds.

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