2.4 Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interests

2.4.1 The University is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability. It seeks to conduct its affairs in a responsible manner, having regard to the principles established by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (formerly known as the Nolan Committee), which members of staff at all levels are expected to observe. These principles are set out at Appendix A. In addition, the University expects that staff at all levels will observe its code of conduct, contained in its detailed financial procedures, which covers:

  • Probity and propriety
  • Selflessness, objectivity and honesty
  • Relationships.

2.4.2 Additionally, members of the governing body, senior management or those involved in procurement are required to disclose interests in the University’s register of interests maintained by the Registrar and Secretary (or other designated officer). They will also be responsible for ensuring that entries in the register relating to them are kept up to date regularly and promptly, as prescribed in the financial procedures.

2.4.3 In particular, no person shall be a signatory to a University contract where he or she also has an interest in the activities of the other party.

2.4.4 The procedures for registration and declaration of interests are available from the Governance Section of the Academic & Research Services Office.

2.4.5 Staff and members of governing bodies must not accept any personal benefit as an inducement or reward for taking any action (or specifically not taking action) in his or her position in the University or for showing favour (or disfavour) to anyone in his or her position in the University. 
The University:

  • is committed to carrying out its academic and business activities in an honest, open and ethical manner; and
  • is committed to observing the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010, in respect of its conduct both in the UK and internationally.
  • will have zero tolerance to any aspect of bribery and corruption both within the University and in respect of any third parties with whom we have dealings.


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