Financial Regulations


These Financial Regulations and Manual of Procedures are approved by the Finance Committee under authority delegated by Council in accordance with its responsibility for the proper control of the financial business of the University. The primary objective of these Regulations is to ensure the proper use of resources and finances in a manner which satisfies the requirements of accountability and financial control.

Compliance with these Financial Regulations is a requirement for all employees of the University (irrespective of how their appointment is financed) and for all those not directly employed by the University who have responsibility for the management or administration of University funds.

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1. General Provisions

1.1 Background

1.2 Status of Financial Regulations

2. Corporate Governance

2.1 Financial Responsibilities in the University

2.2 Risk Management

2.3 Whistleblowing

2.4 Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interests

2.5 Gifts and Hospitality

2.6 Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

2.7 Money Laundering

2.8 Response to Fraud

2.9 Audit Requirements

2.10 Treasury Management

3. Financial Management and Control

3.1 Determination of Budgets 

3.2 Management of Budgets - General Principles

3.3 Departmental Development Funds

3.4 Accounting Arrangements

3.5 Income

3.6 Pay Expenditure

3.7 Non-pay Expenditure

3.8 Assets

3.9 Taxation

3.10 Research Grants and Contracts

3.11 Services to Business and the Community

3.12 Endowed Funds

3.13 Insurance

3.14 Companies, Joint Ventures, Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

3.15 Approval Process for the Employment of Temporary Clerical Staff (Management and Administrative Grades 1 to 6)

3.16 General Advice on the Employment of Temporary Staff

3.17 Students' Union

3.18 Other Items

4 Procurement Regulations

4.1 General

4.2 Procurement Exercise

4.3 Formal Tender Process

4.4 Award of Contract

4.5 Framework Agreements

4.6 Contract Management

4.7 Miscellaneous Provisions

4.8 Schedule 1 - Interpretation

5. Employee Expenses

5.1 Introduction to Procedures

5.2 Expense Reimbursement Procedure

5.3 Travel and Subsistence

5.4 Catering

5.5 Removal Expenses

5.6 Other Expenses and Benefits


Appendix A: The Seven Principles of Public Life from the Report of the Committee for Standards in Public Life (The Nolan Report)

Appendix B: Departmental Development Funds: Good Practice Guide

Appendix C: Treasury Management Policy

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