Staff Post Approval

If your School/Department/Division have staffing post requests you will need to complete the relevant Post Approval Form (PAF) as the request must be authorised through the appropriate College Business Group prior to any action by HR.  In some instances the PAF will also need to be authorised by the Provost, which the College Business Group will arrange.  

No post can be advertised or processed by HR unless full authorisation has been given, which includes; Head of College, Director of Admin, HR business Partner and College Accountant, and Provost (where applicable)

The completed PAF should be accompanied by the necessary documentation including a job summary and justification for the post / extension / replacement.

Prior to completing the PAF it is advisable to read the following sections on the HR website:

Download the appropriate Post Approval Form below:

The exception to completing a PAF:

When the funding is 100% from a research project there are separate procedure/forms for this available from the Research Office.

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