TRAC procedures for Financial Year 2017/18

The procedure for TRAC data collection in financial year 2016/17 are as follows:

Online TRAC Timesheet (OTT) Data Capture System

The Finance Office has been working with IT Services to develop a New Online TRAC Timesheet (OTT) data capture system. This will enable academics to enter the timesheet details directly onto SAP (via the Employee Self-Service portal), thus eliminating the manual re-keying of data. In time, the aim is for all academics to be move onto the new OTT system, replacing the current spreadsheets system.

We have commenced the rolled-out to 5 pilot departments (Chemistry, Criminology, Geography, Geology and Genetics) from May 2017 onwards. Once we are happy that the new OTT system is working as expected, other departments within Colleges will be moved over to the new OTT system on a phased basis, commencing form November 2017 onwards. Further details will be circulated nearer the time of the next phase of the roll-out to Colleges.


Drop-in Sessions for Academics in pilot departments for Online TRAC Timesheets (OTT)

Drop-in training sessions for academics will be held on the following dates & room numbers:

Thursday 14 September (from 9 am to 12.30 pm) in Attenborough Seminar Block (ATT 217)

Thursday 28 September (from 9 am to 12.30 pm) in Attenborough Seminar Block (ATT 217)

Thursday 12 October (from 9 am to 12.30 pm) in Ken Edwards Building (KE 323)

Thursday 26 October (from 9 am to 12.30 pm) in Ken Edwards Building (KE 323)


Training Video for Academics & SAP User Guide:

A short training video for academics (8 mins) available from the following You Tube link:

TRAC Training Video Image

The material covered in the video is also included in an Academic User Guide in word document format.

The main change for the academics will be that they will have to log onto SAP and enter the timesheet details, instead of completing the excel spreadsheet version of the timesheet. Once the academic has submitted a timesheet it will appear on a report that can be run by Departmental TR Contacts, for checking that the correct week has been used and that at least 20 hours has been returned. The Departmental TR Contact will then be able to accept or reject the timesheet and where an earlier reserve week has been submitted, will also be able to hold the timesheet data and reject at a later stage, following the submission of the allocated TR week. Further details on the changes to current administrative processes will be communicated prior to the next phase of the roll-out to Colleges.

If anyone has a questions/queries regarding the new online timesheet data capture system then please call Raj Patel (0116 252 2490).


Transparency Review weeks - 2017 (August to December)

Further detail to follow.

Transparency Review weeks - 2016/17

From 2015/16 onwards the Transparency Review weeks run from Monday to Sunday, so for 2016/17 Week 1 will commence from Monday 1 August 2016.

For the early part of the new academic year, all other administrative procedures remain unchanged:-

  • Academics in smaller departments are required to complete a Second TR week. This is to facilitate a more representative sample across the whole academic year.
  • The format of the Time Allocation Form has also changed so it is important that the time allocation form for 2016/17 is used as new categories have been created due to revised TRAC guidance.
  • New Procedure for timesheets - All timesheets to be dated by TR Contacts (including Reserve Weeks). HEFCE have introduced a new requirement, that states that time allocation sheets should be received within 2 months of the week that is used.

The key criterion is the date that it is received by the TR Contact. Can we therefore ask all TR Contacts to date all the timesheets (including reserve weeks) when they are received. Also as a result of the introduction of the 2 month rule, where a Reserve Week falls before the actual TR Week then academics should also be asked to send completed timesheet for the earlier reserve weeks to the TR Contact so that it can be dated (to ensure that they satisfy the 2 month rule) and held in reserve. This is in case the academic is on leave or sick for their allocated week then you have the reserve week as a backup to send in rather than another week to be allocated at the time as this will result in the sample being skewed towards the end of the year.

If you have any further queries then please email Hina Patel or call her on 0116 252 3901

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