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University contracts are attractive as they are relatively stable organisations that pay their invoices on time, and a major university like Leicester would be a high profile client to be referenced when endeavouring to win other contracts across the public and private sector.

The University has an SME-Friendly Policy  that explains the steps that it takes so as to ensure that its procurement processes do not create unnecessary barriers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which may deter or inhibit them when our contract opportunities are advertised.

The University’s Procurement Regulations encourage consideration of the benefits of including a local supplier when inviting quotations for contracts with a total value of between £10k and £24,999. The Rules also require all contracts with a total value of £50k+ to be tendered using the Delta e-tendering system ; where procurers are encouraged to openly advertise their contract opportunities to all suppliers registered on the system. It is free for suppliers to register on the Delta e-tendering system , which includes the facility for suppliers to be notified of any University contracts that are openly advertised and relate to their sector/industry.

As part of the SME-Friendly Policy, the University regularly delivers presentations at local and regional supplier events explaining how it does business and where to find contract opportunities. As part of the inaugural Leicester Business Festival in 2015, the University hosted an event entitled, ‘How to find, compete for, and win public contracts’, which included an opening speech from its Director of Finance recognising the strategic importance of procurement, and a presentation from its Head of Procurement explaining public procurement, including examples from University policy and procedure.

An up-to-date list of University Contracts  is uploaded each quarter, which allows suppliers to identify potential subcontracting opportunities. Note: The list is produced from the Contracts Register maintained by the Procurement Unit, which should include all contracts with a total value of £25k+. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the Contracts Register is as up-to-date as possible, there can be no guarantee that it is totally complete.   

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Director of Procurement

James Trotter

T: 0116 252 3273


Category Managers

Anthony Midgley

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Lucy Elms

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Naomi Nortey

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Stewart Brewer

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Procurement Administrator

Sarah Maynard

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(Mon to Tue)

Rajwinder Bhola (currently on maternity leave)

T: 0116 252 2027


(Weds to Fri)

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Procurement Unit
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