Procurement Regulations

The Procurement Regulations form part of the University’s Financial Regulations. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure that the University’s procurement activity gains value for money and is compliant with public procurement law. The Regulations set out the minimum procurement process (level of competition) based on the total value of the contract/order – summarized in the flow chart below. They also include the University’s approval levels when accepting tenders, awarding contracts, placing orders, varying and extending contracts, and gaining exceptions (waivers) to the Regulations..

Procurement Forms

As shown in the Procurement Process flow chart below, a Contract Award Approval Form must be completed where seeking approval to award a contract:

  • With a total value of £50k+, following a procurement exercise that complies with the University’s Procurement Rules; or
  • With a total value of £10k+, where an exception(s) to the University’s Procurement Rules is being sought.

The Quotation Summary Form is to be completed so as to demonstrate that three quotes have been sought in the process of awarding a contract with a total value of between £10k and £24,999.

Procurement Regulations Process

Purchasing Cards

Purchasing Cards are only to be used for procuring goods and services, from suppliers that allow payment by credit card, where:

  • Procuring low value / high volume goods; or
  • Procuring from a supplier on a one-off basis; or
  • Procuring external training, conference services (where agreed with the Head of Procurement that in-house provision is not to be used) and pre-booked travel.

Purchasing Cards are not to be used for procuring goods and services where the Department has access to the Smarter Purchasing system and the goods and services are available through the Smarter Purchase Electronic Catalogue.

All procurements made using a Purchasing Card must be in accordance with the Procurement Rules, Financial Regulations and the Purchase Card Rules

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