Procurement Policy & Guidance

It is important that the University considers wider strategic opportunities and risks when procuring goods, works and services. It is for this reason that the Procurement Unit has drafted the following procurement policies and guidance notes to ensure that – on a contract-by-contract basis - proportionate account is taken of specific opportunities and risks:

  • SME-Friendly Procurement Policy - Explains the steps that the University takes to ensure that its procurement processes do not create unnecessary barriers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Sustainable Procurement (including Equality) Guidance – Provides examples of where wider social, economic and environmental benefits may be gained through procurement contracts
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking statement 2016-17 – Outlines the policies, training, and due diligence processes that the University has in place to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Supplier Relationship Management Policy – Explains how the University identifies its key suppliers and then manages its relationship with these key suppliers to ensure that value for money is delivered
  • Prevention of Procurement Fraud Policy – Identifies the different types of procurement fraud and the measures in place to mitigate the risk of them occurring, and explains how to report suspected procurement fraud
  • Policy for Selection & Use of Cloud Services – Explains how cloud based services (including Software as a Service and hosted technology) must be procured, taking account of information security risks, integration, value for money, and University strategy
  • Research Grant Applications Procurement Guidance – Explains how to comply with the University’s Procurement Rules when applying for a research grant
  • Support for the Principal Investigator when running a research project – A simple crib sheet showing the responsibilities of the PI, and the support available to them (incl. when procuring equipment, services and consultancy), when submitting a research grant application, and then progressing the project where the application is successful.
  • Financial Vetting of Suppliers Guidance – Provides a framework for assessing suppliers financial standing both as part of the procurement process and during the period of the contract
  • Insurance / Indemnity & Procurement Guidance – Supports establishing and setting of appropriate insurance levels and indemnity provisions in a contract
  • Health & Safety Procurement Guidance – Advises on how to take account of health and safety risks as part of the procurement process and subsequent ongoing contract management
  • Procurement Documents Retention Schedule – Gives a guide as to the retention periods for the different types of documentation produced during the procurement and contract management processes
  • TUPE Procurement Guidance – Explains how the University is to establish whether the (re-)tendering of a contract will have any implications relating to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE). The guidance then goes on to detail how any TUPE implications are to be accounted for during the procurement process and within the ultimate contract
  • Guidance when hiring someone - Explains which of the various routes to be followed when hiring someone, given the circumstances; particularly, the envisaged length of the engagement and work pattern, and whether the Tax Office deems the work suitable for completion by a self-employed individual or individual working through an intermediary (e.g. personal services company) as a supplier. The guidance also explains the circumstances where the University’s preferred temporary staff agency (Hays) can/must be used

The Procurement Unit  is also drafting a policy/guidance notes covering  Business Continuity. Once drafted this will be uploaded to this page and notifications issued.

Forms & Templates

A range of Forms and Templates have been produced by the Procurement Unit to assist in embedding best procurement practice.

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