Procurement Competency Questionnaire 2015

Over the last 18 months the University has substantially improved the way in which it procures goods, services and works. This has been recognised by the independent auditor that assesses the maturity of procurement functions across the HE sector.

As part of a second phase of improvements, this questionnaire is being issued across the University to help identify specific gaps in procurement skills and knowledge, so as to inform the training and guidance made available for staff and academics. Whilst the central Procurement Unit generally leads all £50k+ tendering exercises, and is ever-ready to support and guide, the greater the skill and knowledge of devolved procurers across departments the better for the University.        

If you have any involvement in the University’s procurement and contract management activity, it would be greatly appreciated if you complete the following brief questionnaire.

The information that you provide will be treated as confidential.

Thank you!

Contact Details
Procurement Involvement
Q.1. How many times a year are you involved in running a competitive quotation and/or tendering exercise, on average?

Q.2. How many contracts do you manage?

Q.3. Have you attended the in-house ‘Introduction to Procurement’ training session in the last 18 months?

Q.4. Have you attended the in-house ‘Effective Contract Management’ training session in the last 18 months?

Procurement Skills & Knowledge
For each of the eight areas of procurement and contract management listed below, please select the level that you consider most appropriately describes your skill / knowledge based on the definitions given below.

Definition of skill/knowledge levels:

Aware Level 1 Basic awareness of the subject
Understand Level 2 Understanding of the key issues/concepts and their implications for the University, and some practical involvement
Practitioner Level 3 Detailed knowledge of the subject, and able to independently apply
Expert Level 4 Extensive and substantial practical experience and applied knowledge of the subject. Able to advise others on the subject

Additionally, if you feel that you would benefit from further training / guidance on the specific area, please check the ‘Development Need’ box.
Q5 Development of a business case that requires/supports the University procuring goods, services or works

Q6 Analysis of the supply market to understand what it offers, including indicative prices, without prejudicing any subsequent procurement exercise

Q7 Development of a specification, so that a clear and comprehensive description of the requirement is provided

Q8 Understanding of the national and European procurement legislation that governs the University’s procurement activity

Q9 Clarification and refinement of contract terms with suppliers in such a way that the University benefits, without putting it at undue risk

Q10 Evaluation of the bids received on a like-for-like basis

Q11 Management of a contract, including supplier performance

Q12 Effective market sounding and procurement as a PI for a research project that involves the purchase of goods and/or services

Thank you!

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