Amending or Cancelling Invoices

Once an invoice has been raised it is considered a legal document and cannot be altered.

If it is discovered that an invoice is incorrect, the procedure is to request that a credit note be raised for the same amount as the incorrect invoice and then requesting that a new corrected invoice be raised.

A credit note should only be requested in one of the following circumstances:
   1. Information is missing from the original invoice
   2. Information is incorrect on the original invoice
   3. The goods/service never took place

What is the Process for Raising an External Credit Note

  1. Please complete the External Credit Note Form with details from the original invoice. The customer’s name and address is requested again at this point for verification on the invoice number when being processed.
  2. The Credit Note request should then be authorised by a designated individual who has authorisation for expenditure on the required departmental account and must a different person to the original requestor. This ensures that there is appropriate segregation of duties.
  3. The authorised form should be emailed by the authoriser to for processing.
  4. The credit note will be emailed or posted to the 3rd party for their records.
  5. When the credit note is raised in SAP your departmental account(s) will be debited with the original income value. You will not receive a copy of the credit note for verification that the process has been completed. Guidance on how to view this within SAP can be found here

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