New suppliers

All new suppliers must be approved by the Procurement Unit in advance of any orders being placed with the supplier.  This is to ensure that:

  • we do not have an approved supplier who could provide the goods or services already under contract with the University
  • to ensure we are receiving value for money from the supplier
  • to ensure the supplier selected has been appointed in line with procurement rules.

The form below should be completed and emailed to the Procurement Unit at  (entitling the e-mail ‘New Supplier’)  prior to any order being placed and subject to the Procurement team approval the supplier will be available within 5 working days of your request.  There is only one form for both UK and International suppliers.

New supplier approval form - Excel

Payment of Supplier Invoices

Processing of all invoices for goods and services supplied to the University is managed by the Accounts Payable Section.

Goods and services should be obtained using an official University Purchase Order generated through the SAP Finance System. Invoices for goods and services supplied to the University will then come from the supplier direct to the ordering department. Departments should then enter a goods received note into SAP and also verify the invoice against the purchase order. The invoice itself must then be signed by an authorised signatory and sent to Accounts Payable for payment.

In certain circumstances, if goods and services are procured without a SAP purchase order then an invoice can be paid provided that it is signed by an authorised signatory and coded to a valid University SAP code.

For more information contact: Accounts Payable Section

Misc. Payment Request

Form CP1 should be used to generate a payment to a supplier where no invoice has been received.

Special (Urgent) Payment Request

This form should be used to accompany an invoice where same or next day payment is required.

General Ledger Codes

All purchases of goods or services need to be coded to a general ledger code - please find attached a link to our current general ledger codes.

Vendor Ordering Address

Form Z06 allows departments to create a specific address for a supplier so that they can submit orders to that address. This may be a different address to that held for payment of invoices.

Request for Advance of Funds

Form AF1 should be used where members of staff are working away from the University and require a cash / foreign currency / traveller’s cheques advance of funds. Advances will normally only be made where the period away from the University exceeds one week and the amount requested is at least £500. The maximum payable in advance is £3,000.

Payment of Travel and Subsistence Expense Claims

Members of staff who are required to travel on behalf of the University may seek reimbursement of the actual costs incurred in line with the University’s Financial Regulations by completing Form EC1. Processing of expense claims for travel and subsistence is managed by the Accounts Payable Section.

For more information and to download and expenses claim form please follow this link: Payment of Fees and Expenses

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