Interview expenses

What you can (and can't) claim

The University will reimburse reasonable expenses for attendance at a formal interview if you have incurred costs of more than £15.00.

You can only claim expenses for yourself, and these should cover only those costs actually and necessarily incurred in order to attend the interview.

You cannot claim reimbursement if you are already employed by the University of Leicester.

We will not reimburse expenses for any informal visits before or after your actual interview.

We will be flexible around these regulations if you require reasonable adjustments on the grounds of disability.

Allowable costs

Travel (within the UK - see below for international candidates)

  • Please use public transport wherever possible.
  • You must specify your departure and destination points on the expense claim form.
  • We will refund standard class rail/coach/ferry fare.
  • If you travel by car, we will refund mileage at 45p/mile for the first 80 miles and 31p/mile after that.


  • The University will reserve overnight accommodation for you if required.
  • You should pay the bill on departure and claim for reimbursement.
  • Overnight accommodation not reserved or not agreed in advance by the University will not be reimbursed.
  • We will not reimburse you for sundry additional costs such as tips, telephone calls and newspapers.


  • If we are paying for your overnight accommodation but meals are not included in the accommodation package, we will reimburse the cost of an evening meal and/or breakfast as required.
  • The maximum payment for meals is £5.00 for breakfast and £15.00 for an evening meal.

How to claim

Print out the interview expense claim form (PDF), complete all relevant parts and return to the department where you applied for the position as they will consider reimbursing interview expenses.

You must include itemised original receipts detailing exactly what you spent. Credit card statements, counterfoils or vouchers are not acceptable as substitutes for receipts.

We must receive your expenses claim within 28 days of your interview date.

The money will be paid by bank transfer into your bank or building society account so make sure you include those details on the form.

The University reserves the right to decline payment of any expense item which we consider unreasonable or excessive.

We will not accept or pay any claim for round sum ‘expenses’ or ‘allowances’.

Candidates from overseas

Your first interview will be conducted via Skype. (You can visit the University in person instead if you would prefer - but at your own expense.)

If you are selected for a second interview, we will reimburse the cost of a reasonable economy class airfare from within the EU, plus accommodation as detailed above.

Any exception to these rules requires written agreement between the Head of the Department or Division which interviews you and the University's Finance Office..


The University reserves the right to decline payment of expenses if, without reasonable grounds, you either:

  • withdraw from the interview process, or
  • decline the post if offered.

If you have any queries about interview expenses please contact or call +44 (0)116 252 5639.

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