Expenses Claims

The forms below should be used to reclaim expenses incurred by Employees, Unitemps staff, Students and Visitors where the expense is allowable under the financial regulations.

Travel & Subsistence Expenses Claims

Please find below the expense claim form for staff, students and visitors to use to reclaim expenses incurred on behalf of the University of Leicester.

All expenses claimed must comply with Financial Regulations (internal access only).  Any expenses that do not comply with the regulations will not be paid.

The form has changed to allow the University:

  • to collect information on our travel for environmental reporting
  • to ensure all employees who drive on business are aware of their need to comply with the University's "Driving at Work Policy and Guidance"
  • to provide better analysis of what expenses are incurred by employees for the University
  • to automate the calculation of mileage in line with the Financial Regulations
  • to remind individuals travelling abroad that they must use the University's travel insurance.

Expense forms

For Mac and Libreoffice system users there is a site licence for Microsoft Office (incl. Excel) which allows you to run excel on computer - please contact ITS to have the software uploaded to your machine.

Staff using Macs or Libreoffice that do not upload Microsoft Office can use the forms above but may be restricted in the functionality available.  As such, attached is a "Basic Expense Form".  which can be used.

Common reasons for expense forms being delayed and rejected

 are a number of common errors on expense forms which lead to delays in processing.  To help you when completing your forms the most common issues are listed below:

  1. Mileage claims: the first 80 miles for car mileage claims are paid at 45p per mile; after that the rate per mile reduces to 31p per mile. If you are carrying a University Passenger the 45p per mile applies always (please note the name of your passenger on your claim). 
  2. Mileage claims: the 80 miles is based on a round trip therefore if your total trip is greater than 80 miles you should apply the 31p per mile.  You cannot claim 80 miles to a location and 80 miles back from a location at the 45p rate.
  3. Foreign expenses: Claimants need to convert foreign currency expenses into UK Sterling. Support is required for the exchange rate used, for example:

    - if you have bought the item on credit card the rate at which this expense was converted on your credit card statement, 
    - or use a rate from a foreign currency website such as www.Oanda.com or www.xe.com for the date of the expense,
    - or if you paid cash the rate of exchange you received when you bought your foreign currency.
  4. Entertaining: to claim for entertaining/ hospitality costs guests external to the University must be present and there should be a reason for the entertaining.  The costs for employees of the University can be reclaimed if they are attending the event but the ratio of employees/guests should not exceed 3 members of staff to 1 guest.  For guidance contact Accounts Payable.
  5. Purchasing items not listed as allowable under the financial regulations: all the categories on the expense form can be found within the financial regulations except "Other." 

    If you are claiming an expense which does not fit with the categories in the expense form you need to consider whether the expense is actually allowable under the financial regulations and explain on the form why it is and why it was needed.  Do not be surprised to be contacted by Accounts Payable if you submit claims with such items as we will need to determine whether they are allowable or not.
  6. Common items claimed which are not allowable: expense forms should not be used to recover the cost of IT equipment, non-safety clothing, employee entertaining or other costs prohibited under the financial regulations.
  7. Expense claims submitted too late: all claims for expenses must be made within 3 months of incurring the expense otherwise the claims will not be refunded to you.

Further information

All approved forms should be sent to Accounts Payable in the Finance Office for processing.  If you have any questions please contact Accounts Payable.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Where members of the public, students or employees of the University volunteer to assist in research projects or to act as members of a focus group, the University will pay small scale out of pocket expenses to cover the cost of participating.

The level of the payment for each event is to be determined by the budget holder and can be made without the need for the volunteers to collect and retain tickets or receipts.

In cases where the budget holder determines that the level of payment should be greater than £50 per individual, Departments/Divisions should, in the first instance, consult the University’s Tax Unit . Whilst HMRC notice EIM71105 does not define what is meant by ‘reasonable’, the notice states that any sums paid above a ‘reasonable’ level may fall as a taxable charge to the individuals concerned and that to avoid a tax and NIC liability, the sums payable should do no more than reimburse the individual’s reasonable cost of participating.

HMRC further state that, in the case of employees of the University who volunteer for such activities, participation MUST be in their own time, it MUST NOT be part of their regular duties of employment nor MUST they be under any obligation to take part.

Completion of this form will enable a cheque to be generated to cover such expenses. In circumstances where payment by cheque might cause difficulties for participants (e.g. where participants do not have bank accounts) cash payments can be arranged through Accounts Payable.

Download an Out of Pocket Expenses Form

Relocation Expenses

To make a claim download and complete the Relocation Expenses Grant Claim Form

Eligibility to claim

As a new member of staff, appointed at Grade 6 or above, you may claim a contribution towards relocation expenses provided that the following conditions are met:

(a) Your  appointment is to the staff of the University on either:

       i. an open-ended contract, subject to notice, or

       ii. a fixed term contract of more than one year

(b) Upon taking up your appointment, or shortly thereafter, and in order to comply with the University's normal expectation that staff should live in or near to Leicester, you have moved your place of residence to be within reasonable commuting distance of Leicester so that the distance travelled to work does not interfere with performance of your duties.

Claims must be made within 12 months of taking up an appointment. Awards are normally made only in respect of an initial appointment.

If your appointment was initially to a fixed-term contract of one year or less, but has subsequently been  extended beyond a total of one year's service to the University, you will become eligible to claim a contribution towards relocation expenses under the scheme, provided that:

(a) you have relocated to an address as set out above; and

(b)  your claim is submitted within 18 months of the commencement of your employment with the University.

Claim Value

Once completed, this claim form MUST be accompanied by original receipts as reimbursement cannot be made without positive proof that the expense has been incurred. In signing the claim form you are certifying that the incurred expenses are not recoverable, in full or in part, from any other source.

In the case of members of staff relocating within the UK, claims may be made up to a total equivalent to one twelfth of the annual gross salary indicated in the letter of appointment.

The maximum value for a claim from a member of staff living abroad at the time of appointment is determined on an individual basis by the Director of Finance. If you have not already done so, you should initiate discussions prior to making any financial commitments related to your move.

You should note that under HMRC rules, only the first £8,000 of any claim is tax free, and any claim above this level will be subject to income tax at your marginal rate to tax.

Allowable Expenses

The following are recognised as allowable expenses against which claims can be made:

(a) The cost of removal of furniture and effects including the cost of insurance and storage where appropriate;

(b) Legal and estate agents fees incurred in the sale and purchase of property;

(c) The cost of one journey by the member of staff and dependents in moving to the new home;

(d) Such other expenses as the University recognises as being reasonably incurred consequent upon the transfer.

If you leave employment with the University within one year, you will be required to repay a proportion of any claim made, on the basis of one twelfth of any payment made for each month short of one year that you are in employment.

The University reserves the right to amend these arrangements in particular cases where exceptional circumstances prevail. Such circumstances will be determined by the Director of Finance


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