Delegation of approvals for expenditure

Heads of Departments are responsible for their departmental financial budget and must review their departmental expenditure against budget on a monthly basis.

However a Head of Department may choose to delegate the approval of certain financial approval processes and tasks in line with our Financial Regulations. 

The following sections explain what can be delegated, how to delegate and provides support for staff performing such tasks for their department.


What can de delegated

What can be delegated?

Restrictions on Delegation

Restrictions on Delegation

How to delegate

How to delegate approvals

Different ways to pay

Different ways to pay expenditure

What am I confirming

What am I confirming when I approve?

How do I approve

How do I approve expenditure?

Should I approve

Should I approve expenditure?



Financial Regulations

Our financial regulations are currently being updated and will be published in summer 2016.  A number of changes, reflected in this section, have already been approved and will be reflected in the new financial regulations.  For the avoidance of doubt, the details in this section superseded our current financial regulations.  Key changes in relation to delegation of approvals are:

  • Expense claim approval can be delegated by the Head of Department to staff.  The member of staff does not need to be a higher grade than those submitting expense claims to them for approval. 
  • Head of Department (and other Senior Management of our University) expenses cannot be approved by staff within their department.
  • Payment documents can be sent electronically to Accounts Payable in the Finance Division for payment. 

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