University Credit Cards

What is a University Credit Card?

The Finance Office can provide a nominated individual(s) within a Department with a Corporate Credit Card.

These Credit Cards will be issued to individuals where their role includes a significant deal of travel and subsistence expenses which without a Credit Card would be reclaimed through an expense claim form. 

The transactions on the Credit Card are paid directly out of the University's bank account

All Credit Cards are supplied by NatWest .

Why are they useful?

A Credit Card should be used for travel costs that would otherwise be reclaimed via an expense claim. Such costs include:

Who should have a Credit Card?

Only individuals where their role requires significant UK and overseas travel.  As a guide, annual travel costs of £5,000 or more would suggest the need for a Credit Card.

The Head of Department must approve all requests for Credit Cards.

Credit Cards which are not used will be cancelled as the University incurs a charge for every card it has.

What Credit Cards are available?

Only one card can be issued to an individual:

  • Level 1: Monthly spend limit of £5,000 and single transaction limit of £5,000

Temporary increases to limits

If you require a temporary increase to a Credit Card single transaction or monthly spend limit please contact Accounts Payable.

Is the department charged for a Credit Card?


Restrictions on use

The following restrictions apply on use:

  • A Credit Card can only be used by the named Cardholder and the Cardholder cannot share this card with anyone else.
  • A Credit Card must be held securely at all times and can be taken by the Cardholder with them when they travel.
  • Only goods and services in line with the Financial Regulations can be purchased using a Credit Card.
  • Procurement rules apply to Credit Card purchases and must be followed.

If any of these restrictions are not complied with the Credit Card will be cancelled immediately and the Finance Office will inform the Head of Department to agree any further appropriate action.

How are the purchases approved?

On the 6 day of each month, the cardholder will receive a copy of their monthly statement from Finance. You should review the statement and then complete the attached form where you must charge the expenses to the appropriate charge code (cost centre, WGB/ Grant code or SIO) and document the purpose of the expenditure.

This completed form and statement must then be reviewed and approved by a designated individual within the department (of grade 4 or above) nominated by the Head of Department.

Failure to approve these statements on a monthly basis will lead to the withdrawal of the Credit Card.

Retention of records

  • All receipts relating to Credit Cards should be. sent to the Finance Division with each claim form
  • These receipts should be retained for a minim um of 7 years.
  • When expenditure relates to Grant Funding the Grant Funder may require the documents to be held for longer.

Applying for a card

All applications should come from the Departmental Administrator(s)/ Manager and not directly from employees.

Please complete the attached form and email it to

What to do when you receive your Credit Card

Your card is ready to use immediately.  On receipt of your card, please check the details printed on the Credit Card are correct and if yes, please sign the back of the card.  If there are issues please contact Accounts Payable.

You should have received your 4 digit security pin separately from your Credit Card - if you have not received this please contact the NatWest card line on 0870 909 3702 and ask for them to reissue you with a pin.  If you have difficulties please contact Accounts Payable.

Online access to card details

You can register your Credit Card online at NatWest CardsOnline using the card details and the information provided by you to Finance to order the card. After registering you will be sent a code through the post.  When received, please return to the NatWest CardsOnline website and input the code to access your full card and transaction details.

What to do if the Cardholder loses a card or notices transactions on a statement that they have not made?

If you lose your card please contact the NatWest card line on 0370 6000 459 or if you're overseas +44 1268 500 813 and Accounts Payable so that your card can be stopped.

If you notice transactions that you do not recognise contact Accounts Payable immediately.

Questions on Credit Cards or application process

Please contact Accounts Payable:

Other information

Click here for the University’s financial regulations

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