Staff Advances

What is an advance

Where an individual is working away from the University for a week or more then they can apply for an advance to cover the expenses they will incur.

How will the advance be paid

  • The advance will be paid directly into an individual’s bank account in UK sterling.
  • If cash is required then this can be provided but the preferred method is payment via bank transfer directly into the individual's bank account.
  • Any advances in cash will need to be collected from the Fees Payments Office in the Fielding Johnson Building by the individual requesting the advance.
  • Funds will only be advanced in UK sterling.

Limits on advances

Advances will be made to individuals up to £3,000.

If an advance is required above this level please contact Accounts Payable to discuss the request and to ensure additional insurance is obtained.

What to do on your return

The individual advanced funds will need to complete an expense form, attaching all receipts and get this approved by their Department.

The approved form should then be sent to Accounts Payable clearly marked as relating to an advance.

If all of the advance has not been spent a cheque made payable to "the University of Leicester" should also be sent for the unused amount or you can repay the amount on your debit or credit card by visiting the Fees Payments Office (quoting that it is a repayment of an advance).

How to request an Advance

Please complete the advance form  and once approved email the form to or post it to Accounts Payable.


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