Finance Training

The Finance Division offers a range of short finance related training courses aimed at staff who have financial responsibilities.

In addition, the Finance Division also holds regular ‘Finance Surgeries’, where staff can drop in to get help with resolving any specific finance issues their department may have.

The following training courses on finance related topics and the SAP finance module are delivered by staff from the Finance Division in conjunction with the Leicester Learning Institute.

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General Finance Training
Introduction to University Finances This course will introduce you to the finances of our University. This will be useful if you want a basic understanding of how finance works at the University and where our University sits in the wider sector.
Introduction to Departmental Finance This event consists of separate 'drop-in' sessions. The workshop will introduce you to the salient aspects of departmental finance from an overview of the University’s finances to preparing for your departmental internal audit. This course will be of use to anyone member of staff who has financial administrative responsibilities.
Financial Forecast & Budgets This course will introduce you to Financial Forecasting; Managing Budgets and Costing. This will be useful if you are either involved in producing Financial Forecasts or Budgets or if you have a general interest in gaining a better understanding of budgetary control.
Financial Governance The course provides a brief overview of financial governance issues and the opportunity to meet senior Finance Office staff in an informal setting. Areas to be covered include : financial regulations, anti-bribery and corruption regulations, internal audit and general financial management issues.
Fraud Awareness     Raises awareness of fraud. Online session including animation, videos and interactive exercises
Financial Statements This course will introduce you to University Financial Statements. This will be useful if you are interested in understanding what financial statements are and how they present the results of our University to the public.

TRAC Training is currently being redeveloped. More information on TRAC is available on our TRAC pages. If you have specific questions relating to TRAC processes please contact Raj Patel.

VAT The training session has been devised to explain the University’s complex VAT system and the importance of determining the correct VAT treatment for both income and expenditure activity.
Employment Status

This training session has been devised to explain the importance of determining the correct route of employment for individuals engaged by the University, where the route of engagement is sought through self-employment rather than employment.

The session will also cover the re-engagement of employees who have left under VERVES.

The Finance Division will also arrange training sessions in response to any legislative changes that impact on the University’s financial procedures as and when required.

Procurement Training
Introduction to Procurement

Explains the University’s procurement strategy, what it spends its money on, who is involved in the University’s procurement (including Category Managers) and the University procurement rules and EU procurement law, as well as running through the practicalities of running a procurement process.

This course is also available online here

Effective Contract Management Explains the importance of effective contract management and what it looks like; its numerous elements, including knowing the contract conditions/deliverables, relationship management, service delivery management, risk management, change control, handling disputes, and exiting the contract.
SAP Finance Training
SAP Finance: Introduction and Reports A course aimed at new SAP users and staff who have received no formal training on SAP. The aim of the course is to gain confidence using SAP and to know how to run reports to check departmental expenditure against budget or cash (e.g. MIF) account balances.
SAP Finance: Everything You Need to Know About SIOs A course aimed at SAP users and staff who work with SIOs. The aim of the course is to learn all aspects related to SIOs.
SAP Finance: Journals and Manual Commitments A course aimed at SAP users and staff who want to learn how to post Journals to transfer funds, and how to process Manual Commitments to set aside funds for future expenses.
SAP Finance: Raising and Printing Purchase Orders - online guides
SAP Finance: Advanced Cost Centre Reports This course is targeted at existing SAP users who want to expand their knowledge of running cost centre reports, and automating the process of running and printing periodic reports.
SAP: Smarter Purchasing - Buying and Approving Orders The course provides an explanation of the Smarter Purchasing Ordering and Approval system. The aim of the demonstration and ‘hands-on’ practice session for the individual is to give them confidence to use the system.

Help and Advice on SAP: If you require help or advice on SAP installation or user guides contact the IT Service Desk on extension 2253 or email or visit web link: SAP User Guides

 Financial Aspects of Research Projects

Training on the financial aspects of managing research projects are offered through the Research and Enterprise Division (for information contact Judith Mogra, Head of Research Finance,

External Training

British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) offer the free e-learning module Introduction to Higher Education Finance.

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