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- Request to PDC to Approve a Studentship Discount Scheme - Form 1 

Unless a studentship is externally funded an approved discount scheme is required, which requires completion of Form 1 . The form should be completed and authorised by the Head of College, Director of Administration, or College Accountant and sent to Brendan Fawcett. 


- Request to Approve a Fee Discount and/or Stipend 

Once the scheme has been approved, or if the funding is external, an advert can be placed for the studentship(s).  Studentships must be advertised competitively otherwise this is a breach of the Finance Regulations.  For GTA’s departments must have also completed a Post Approval Form prior to the advert.

Once a student has been offered a studentship, an offer letter should be produced by the department and sent to the student with full details of the award.  The Department should then complete the Studentship Discount form to inform Finance/Cashiers of the studentship, as without this information the student won’t be able to register or receive any stipend payment. For GTA’s  Human Resources will produce the contract relating to the 0.2FTE element of the grade 5 position.

Full guidance on completing the Studentship Discount Form is provided in the accompanying notes of guidance.

Previously there were 2 different forms to complete; a form 2, and a form 3; now there is one combined form for fees discounts, fees & stipends.

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