The releasing process

Once a press release has been finalised and approved, the Press Office will then distribute it appropriately. All releases created by the office are posted on the Press Office website, and sent to the relevant media.

We have a number of ways of sending a release to journalists including personal contacts, external consultants and subscription to the following online distribution portals.

Distribution portals


AlphaGalileo is Europe's leading source of research news covering science, health, technology, the arts, humanities, social sciences and business developments. Over 1,700 research organisations regularly submit their news to Alpha Galileo which has a subscription of nearly 8,000 journalists who can receive a press release via email distribution based on a keyword search.


EurakAlert! is an American online global news service focusing on all areas of science, medicine and technology offering a fast, effective service for the world's media and research community who receive the release via email distribution.


MediaAgility is a contact database which hosts approximately 800,000 media contacts chosen based on keyword searches relating to the release.

Embargoing a release

Sometimes we choose to embargo a press release, meaning we issue the information to the media with a date and time restriction. They therefore receive the release before they are allowed to publish the story.

This is normally reserved for stories we expect to garner a lot of media attention, allowing journalists time to prepare the story, or for stories coinciding with a published paper to enable the two to be released synchronously.

Social media

Many of our news releases are also repurposed and distributed via the University's Twitter and Facebook channels to increase the prospective audience for the release. The News Centre also has their own Twitter and Facebook channels.

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