The following are examples of press releases from each of the University's colleges that garnered substantial media coverage for the University and academics involved. We have provided an insight into why the releases were newsworthy and a link to a few of the places where the stories were featured.

College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

New report published on working conditions in Leicester garment sector

This press release was successful as the report looked into the working conditions of the textiles industry in Leicester. In order to avoid media reporting negatively on the findings and going with a 'sweatshop' angle, the Press Office worked the academic and the Creative Team to produce a talking head video and opinion piece to accompany the press release. The Guardian piece also linked back to the news item on the University's website.

Media coverage

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

Juices from damaged salad leaves massively stimulate Salmonella growth and salad leaf colonisation, study shows

This press release resulted in a lot of press coverage because the research looked into bagged salads - which a lot of people consume on a regular basis and highlighted the need for growers to maintain high food safety standards.

In this instance, the Press Office worked closely with the Science Media Centre to ensure that the science was represented accurately.

Media coverage

College of Science and Engineering

Researchers use novel analysis technique to help solve Beagle 2 mystery

This release relied on strong imagery of the Beagle 2 lander on Mars and also linked to a video produced with the academic for a previous announcement. Images are very important to the media, and journalists and broadcasters greatly appreciate high quality pictures and video footage. Being able to create multimedia content that can be repurposed is resourceful and can help boost video views.

Media coverage

Student projects

Is Leicester City Football Club’s success making the earth move?

This release achieved a huge amount of press coverage. What was innovative about this project was the way it tapped into the world’s excitement and disbelief at the possibility of an unglamourous team from the unglamourous East Midlands, who had never won a title in its 132-year history, winning the League. It also provided a reason for journalists to involve the University in their coverage of Leicester City's success.

Media coverage

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