How to use social media

Social media has opened up new doors and avenues for communication, offering a platform to disseminate news and to enhance our communications with the media. It is designed to be disseminated through social interaction and encourages conversation between users and organisations, offering a way for the University to interact with their consumers (students, staff, the general public, journalists etc.).

We focus our distribution efforts on two of the most popular and most widely used sites and have found them to be a valuable means of communicating the University's news and events to students, the public and the media.

Via our Twitter and Facebook channels, the Press Office use new media as an additional outlet to distribute our press releases, providing an instant means of communicating our news and events with the outside world and also as a way to source news via the networking it enables. Many of our news stories are also repurposed and distributed via the University's main Twitter and Facebook channels to increase the prospective audience for the release.

This section of the Guide provides:

  • A brief Guide to popular social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn and Friendfeed)
  • Top tips for using social media
  • Examples of good (and bad) use of social media
  • Pitfalls you may come across when using social media

Overall responsibility for the University's social media use is handled by the Communications Team within the Marketing Communications Office. Please contact Vic Russell at ext: 1244 with any general social media queries.

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