Radio Interview Suite

The University has a facility for radio interviews to be conducted on campus. This allows studio quality interviews for BBC and independent radio.

The ISDN radio facility is located in a studio in the Maurice Shock Building. Those using the studio must first report to the AVS reception desk.

AVS staff members are happy to assist those using the facility. Please note that you must ring extension 2919 each and every time you wish to use the facility. The number to give out to the media to ring through to the facility is 0116 285 5525.

Instructions for Use of Radio Suite

General Points

  • The facility is normally for two people (headphones A and B)
  • Each headphone has its corresponding volume control.
  • Cue button - this may require adjustment to improve clarity of sound.
  • A socket for playing cassette/CD is available.
  • Facility for a third mike (not headphones) is also available.
  • Always ring 2919 to arrange use of the line. 
  • The ISDN line is normally available between 8.30am and 4.30pm. 
  • Between 4.30pm and 6.00pm it is available by arrangement only. Charges may occur during these times.
  • An additional ISDN connection exists within the School of Management (Room 501, Ken Edwards Building). Arrangements can be made for equipment to be collected and transferred to this point only if the studio is unavailable.

Receiving calls

The telephone number for the media to ring to interview in the studio is 0116 285 5525.

  • Lights will come on and sound will be heard through headphones.
  • Headphones A and B will be automatically in use.
  • Caller will instruct those using the line if sound level adjustments need to be made.
  • Switch off headphone B if only one person is using the line. This is done by pressing the button for the headphone not in use.

Making calls

(Iinstructions are also available in the studio.)

  • Press 'Hold to Dial' button.
  • Dial radio station (include the area dialling code) while still pressing 'Hold to Dial' button.
  • Release 'Hold to Dial' button.
  • ISDN light will be on when a connection is made.

This facility has been made possible through contributions by the Press Office, the School of Management, the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Sociology and Criminology and the Centre for Labour Market Studies.  Additional assistance and support has been provided by Audio Visual Services.

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