Communication Tools

The News Centre has a variety of communication tools to communicate any news or announcements. Find out how you can utilise the communication tools for your research, opinions and news.

Press releases

A Press release is information targeted at journalists and is primarily written by the News Centre.

News Centre retains rights to any issue releases that retain a media focus. Therefore, stylistic amendments are not necessarily accepted, but factual inaccuracies will be changed.

News feed

News feed/blog written for university community and general public.


Resource for journalists to listen/take audio material.

Podcasts are used for the public interest as it provides more detailed information in audio form on topic of interest.


See podcasts and visual element

Microsite/media packs

Microsite/media packs are for journalists collection of multimedia content, PR’s, news coverage surrounding major corporate announcements e.g. Richard III, Legacies and Centre for Medicine.

Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts are proactively informing media of academic expertise on topical issue.

Experts Guide

Experts Guide is a database holding easily accessible contact information for academics subjects they are comfortable discussing with media.


Features are in depth articles looking behind the scenes of particular news stories that are of interest. They maybe used for LE1.

Opinion Piece

We often commission 450 word opinion pieces which we submit to The Conversation UK 800-1000 word piece or the Leicester Mercury First Person column.


Twitter is used as a soical communication tool for the following;

- PRs of general to the public

- RTs media appearances academics

- Topical comments

-  Expert alerts

-  Media coverage

-  Live tweet major corporate

Event Notices

Event notices are events in which the Vice Chancellor office informs Press Office re inaugural lectures and sent out to media (local and trades).


The Insider is a weekly newsletter bringing together announcement, bulletin boards, event, newsfeed, estates, ITS to all staff and students.


These annoucements are official corporate announcement and information for all staff and students


The people section is about members of staff to highlight personal news, which is for staff only.

Bulletin board

For staff or students information.

News Bytes

News Bytes highlights media and departmental news in a short summary.

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