Step 2: How to make your short film stand out

In order to make your short film the best it can be there are a number of simple filmmaking techniques that you should follow.

1) Make sure you always record your film in Landscape Mode. Do not record your film in Portrait mode.

Image of landscape mode and portrait mode

2) You should be able to see your head and shoulders. Don’t leave too much head room.

 Image of a person looking in to the camera with too much head room

3) Your eyes should be about a third of the way into the frame. Look straight into the camera.

Image of person looking into the camera with the correct eye line

4) Position the camera around about eye level – don’t record from below or above. Filming from below can be quite unflattering and can make your audience feel like you are talking down to them. Filming above will make the audience feel like you are looking up to them. Always film straight on.

Image of person looking into the camera from a low angle

5) Don’t sit in front of a window or light source. Unlike the human eye the camera cannot process both your face and the light behind you. If possible, sit facing a window – the natural light is flattering.

Image of a person looking into the camera over exposed

6) Make sure the picture is not to bright – you can’t fix this in the edit.

7) Check there is nothing inappropriate in the background of your picture, or nothing there that you wouldn’t want other people to see.

8) Record your film in a quiet place – check for noise sources and don’t record in an echoing room.

Ready to record…ACTION!

Start recording and wait a few moments before you start talking. Sometimes sitting back and counting to 5 helps before you start to talk. You can chop the beginning and the end from your film at the editing stage, making your film look tidy at the start and the end.

TIP: Think about your audience and try not to make your film too long - remember "less is more".

Once you have finished talking count silently to 5 to ensure a clean ending in the edit.

With your recording now complete, it is now time to edit.

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