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Only use this form to upload a file for a large format poster to take to a conference, scientific meeting or similar event. Please ensure that your poster has been proof read and that you are entirely happy with it prior to printing. In the unhappy event that you spot an error after you've submitted your poster please email us at posters@le.ac.uk or phone 0116 223 1316. You will be charged if you resubmit your poster.

In sending this file to us you declare that you have the right to reproduce all material submitted. We will not be liable for any costs resulting from any infringement of rights as a result of reproducing this material.

Timescale Printing posters, whether laminated or not, takes at least three working days. Large quantities will take at least five working days. A member of our team will be in contact to confirm an agreed collection date.
Software and platform used to create poster   Please select ONE option

What size would you like your poster?   We can print to a maximum of 900mm x 2,000mm providing you set up your file to the correct dimensions. Posters can be printed in landscape or portrait configuration. (For A3 or smaller, please contact Print Services – email printservices@le.ac.uk)

Would you like your poster laminated?  

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For project requests, please complete the form on SharePoint.

For all other enquiries, please contact the External Relations Division by email:
ERD-requests@le.ac.uk or call 0116 223 1756

All staff in the External Relations Division are based in Enkalon House on Regent Road.