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The information refers to all types of online public dissemination of material, including (but not limited to) web pages, social media sites and audio visual materials. The information on this page is not intended to cover private forms of electronic communication, such as email, nor does it cover the viewing of online materials by staff or students. The IT Services Internet Code Practice covers use of the internet.

Ownership and responsibility

The University’s online presence consists of centrally-managed “corporate” material (such as the University Twitter channel or the Study With Us website) and departmental websites and additional materials published by individual departments. Local responsibility for content resides with the relevant head of department while overall coordination and policy is the responsibility of the Division of Corporate Affairs and Planning.

Departments must have at least one Website Coordinator who is responsible for day to day oversight of the department’s web publishing and for liaison with Corporate Affairs.

Individual contributors create content, for example, blogging or writing text for web pages. Contributors will normally be University employees. Where students or associates create content in the name of the University, a member of staff must take responsibility for publication.

University policy

Online visual materials must follow the rules of the University’s Visual Identity for On-Screen Media.

University publications must fit with the University’s values for example its commitment to quality and to inclusivity and accessibility.

University social media sites must comply with the University's Guidance and Best Practice for Social Media

Use of the University logo effectively endorses a page, blog, comment or tweet. The logo should only be used where the University has an official presence on the internet, for example, the University’s Facebook, Twitter, newsblog and YouTube pages.

Requests to use the logo should be made to

Legal issues and conduct

University publishing channels should be used for University purposes only and must not be used by individuals to conduct their personal business. That said, staff are encouraged to use online channels as appropriate to promote their individual academic and professional work, communicating with colleagues in the global education and business communities.

Published material must be accurate and up to date.

Be aware of data protection: do not post confidential information about University students, employees, alumni or partners.

University publications must take into account standards of professional conduct. For example, online publications must not be offensive, defamatory or obscene.

Published material must fit within relevant legal requirements such as the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act,, laws against discrimination and against the misuse of computers.

Many University web systems are connected through JANET and are subject to the  JANET Acceptable Use Policy.

Advice on these issues can be found through these University websites:

Guidance and Best Practice for Social Media

Visual Identity for On-Screen Media


Equalities Unit

Information Assurance Services

Regulations Concerning the Use of Computing Services

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