Guide to the University's visual Identity

The University Logo

The University logo should always be reproduced at the size specified for the size of material.

On all materials it must be placed at the top left hand of the page. This allows us to keep control of other visual elements that might otherwise dominate University branding because the University logo will not be cluttered at the foot of the page with other marks.

Requests for the logo to be sent to external bodies for use on their materials must be approved by the Marketing Communications Office. Please contact

Use of external design and print agencies

All materials designed and printed for University and University-related activities must be designed in the University’s visual identity. All materials must be produced by the Creative Team's design team and printed by the University’s Print Unit.

Use of the University logo and other logos

In general, sub-brands and associated logos are not allowed within the University, except for Attenborough Arts. Research centres, projects and other University activities should not have their own logos or branding as this dilutes their association with the University.This section outlines the various categories of use and the approach that should be taken. These are guidelines, each case can be slightly different, please consult the Creative Team for guidance on the application of the University logo for print and for use on the web.

University departments, research centres and other business units

Organisational units that are wholly internal should not need to develop customised or subsidiary logos. All departments, research centres, professional services and other business units that are entirely part of the University of Leicester are required to follow the University's visual identity. They should never use their own subsidiary or associated logos.

Templates are available for PowerPoint presentations, academic posters and email signatures. Stationery is provided by the Print Services team.

Partnership organisations based at the University

Organisations based at the University that are entities in their own right rather than part of the University should use their own separate visual identities and logos rather than the University’s identity.

Working with partners

A lot of the University's work is done in partnership with other organisations. When this happens all partners need to be represented on materials or communications. It's important we present our brand in a consistent and coherent way

a. University of Leicester-led partnership

When the University is the lead partner in a venture or partnership, the University logo should be used, along with that of the partner organisation. The logo should be positioned to illustrate we are the dominant partner.

b. Equal or joint partnership ventures

When the University is an equal partner in a joint venture with another partner or university the University’s logo should be used,along with that of the partner organisation with equal prominence.

c. Spin-out companies

Any University enterprise that has been incorporated as a company should implement its own separate visual identity as soon as it becomes market-active. University branding should not be used for this purpose.

d. Crediting sponsor and partner organisations

Where a University business unit is sponsored or supported by a company, another university or other external partner, the partner’s logo may be used in print and web media in a subsidiary position, as described in the visual identity guidelines.

e. Use of the University logo as a subsidiary logo

When the University is a sponsor or supporter to be credited in a publication or on web pages produced by another organisation, the University logo may be used in a subsidiary position in accordance with conditions set out in the visual identity design guidelines.



The University’s Crest

The University of Leicester's heraldic crest should only ever be used for:

  • Ceremonial occasions
  • Degree certificates

The heraldic creature on the crest is a griffin, derived from the coat of arms of Thomas Fielding Johnson.


Frutiger is our sans serif font and Adobe Caslon is our serif font. These are classic typefaces that can be used creatively by designers.

Frutiger has the variety of weights that designers need to work with but it is not a Microsoft font. Arial, Calibri or Trebuchet are Microsoft fonts which look very similar to Frutiger and can be used by people creating letters and forms and for on-screen text such as PowerPoint presentations.


The University's serif font

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