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Designed emails (or HTML emails) are email messages that have a strong visual design. If done correctly they've proven to be an effective form of marketing. If done incorrectly they can appear unprofessional and are often assumed to be spam.

The Creative Services team can design and send emails on behalf of customers to promote their upcoming events etc. If you're interested in this service then please read through the following information and complete the Project Request Form with the necessary details.

  1. Email copy
  2. Email recipients
  3. Price
  4. Briefing form

Email copy

A well known adage when writing for the web is to half your printed copy and then half it again. With emails you need to be even more ruthless. People receive too many emails everyday. Personal emails will most likely get the person's full attention, marketing emails won't. The recipient will scan the email quickly and, within a second or two, decide whether or not it's worth their time and effort to read. It's much easier for a person to discard an email than it is for them to invest time and energy in comprehending it, especially if there's a lot of content.

Effective marketing emails are:

  1. visually attractive (to appear professional, inspire confidence and to stimulate interest)
  2. concise (so they are not off-putting to read)
  3. contain prominent calls to action (e.g. Book your place now)

If for example your email is promoting an upcoming conference then the email should include the essential details such as the title and subject of the conference, the time and date, the location, anything of particular interest such as the name of a well known keynote speaker and a prominent 'Book your place now' type call to action. The email shouldn't go into much more detail than that but it should contain links to websites/pages where the recipient can find out more. An effective marketing email shouldn't tell the recipient everything, it should grab their attention and arouse their curiosity to find out more.

Email recipients

You can't just email anybody, you have to have their explicit agreement that they'd like to receive communication from you otherwise the email is considered spam.

Legitimate ways of sourcing potential email contacts include:

  • inviting people to sign up for emails/newsletters on your website
  • gathering people's contact details at events
  • purchasing email lists

You will need to supply your list of email addresses in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. The email addresses should be listed in a single column, one email per row, and the column header should read Email. A CSV file is also an accepted format.

Excel Blank recipients list (Excel, 12KB) - add email addresses into column A, one per row.


The service is only available for sending emails to external contacts and not for internal communications. The design of the email is free but you'll be charged 1 penny for every email sent so you'll need to provide a charge code.

Briefing form

Please fill out the External Relations Project Request Form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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