Direction on Twitter accounts and identity

Direction for all official University Twitter accounts.

To request a University Twitter account please contact Vic Russell vlh14 in Marketing Communications. We will work with you to develop a clear understanding of how your proposal fits within the Social Media Framework and then provide the necessary branded identity plus training and support. The process for getting a new account is explained below. Key questions to answer before requesting an account include:

  • What is the purpose of your social media activity? Who is your audience? How are you measuring success?
  • Who will be creating content and who will be responsible for monitoring and replying?
  • What is your plan for developing and publishing content? How regularly will you be posting?
  • What will your username be? Is it an official University site?
  • How does your Twitter activity support and integrate with your other communications?

Full details are in the social media framework document and the social media framework sheet will help you work towards a solution for your communication needs.

The table below will help you decide how to set up and manage your account once it is approved.

Are you Tweeting in an official work capacity (e.g. as your role, or as a research centre)
Acknowledge you are employed at Uni in your biog Reference uni in your account profile (use agreed naming format) Make it clear in the biog that the views are your own Use official  Uni Twitter identity (background)
Yes (exclusively) Yes Yes No Yes
Sometimes (mix of personal and work) Yes No Yes Yes - if your site is in the name of a dept or service
No - if your account is your own name or it is personal
No No No Yes No

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