Executive Summary

Using Social Media at Leicester: A Summary


  • The purpose of using social media is to support the University’s mission, strategy and goals.
  • All staff engaging in social media for work purposes must comply with the online publishing code of practice.
  • You should consider using social media as an element within your communications plan if your objective is to:
    • build community and relationships
    • build credibility and trust
    • harness word of mouth
    • create awareness or share information
  • We will listen to our communities and use the knowledge gained to improve the products, services and experiences we provide for them.
  • We recognise that while listening and engaging with our communities is beneficial, if we are to truly generate return on investment from our social media efforts, we need to be clear on our end goals.
  • We will manage our identity on social media to ensure an integrated approach to our communications, just as we protect our visual identity in print. Sites will conform to the social media identity.
  • The Marketing and Student Recruitment team will operate corporate-level social media sites, while departments are encouraged to run local level activity in accordance with the guidelines contained within the social media handbook.
  • Toolkits and online resources are available on the Marketing Communications website.

Representing the University

  • Our position as a leading university should be reinforced through the quality of the content that we create and share, and the pedigree of those creating it.
  • The Social Media Framework is designed to support the University’s position as a leading UK institution, manage reputation and support student recruitment.
  • We will engage with a wide audience in a clear and transparent manner. Participation will be open to all, within defined parameters clearly communicated in our policies and guidelines.
  • Those contributing on behalf of the University will add value for our communities by engaging in conversations about the areas that they are 'university quality' in. We shall strive to ensure that the quality of all content embodies the quality of the institution.
  • University staff must administer their social media sites/groups in accordance with the social media communications guidance and best practice.


  • We will seek to attract a community around us by offering people something original and of a quality that they will value.
  • We will develop content that meets the needs of our target audiences, (which include potential students, current students, opinion leaders, alumni and the public, including staff) and achieves our communications objectives.
  • The content we publish should support the University values and the timing of distribution should be planned to integrate with the schedules of other teams for maximum impact.
  • We will convey our brand values in the manner and tone of our engagement.

Please contact the Marketing Communications team before undertaking any social media activity. Contact Vic Russell ext. 1244 (vlh14) for more information.

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