The role of Marketing Communications

The role of Marketing Communications in Social Media

Roles and Responsibilities

The Marketing Communications team will operate the official corporate-level social media sites (e.g. University Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels).In addition it will provide:

  • leadership for social media communications across the organisation,
  • training and support for those wishing to engage in social media,
  • registration and set-up of all social media presences (including visual identity),
  • Produce handbooks, guidance and best practice documents for social media use,
  • monitoring, reporting and analytics,
  • a central record of all approved University sites.

In addition to corporate level sites, staff outside of the Marketing Communications team (for example Colleges, Departments and Schools) may create an official social networking site/ group once it has been approved by Marketing Communications. Contact Vic Russell ext. 1244 for more information. University staff will administer their social media sites/groups in accordance with the social media communications guidance and best practice and the online publishing code of conduct.

Training and staff support

We recognise that some people may need some guidance in learning about or managing social media. The Marketing Communications team will provide the necessary training to prepare qualified representatives for the predictable and also unforeseen circumstances that await them when participating in social media. Available resources include how to guides, social media toolkits and training sessions. To find out more contact Vic Russell, the Online Communications Officer.


The Marketing Communications team is responsible for managing the University’s corporate social media presences, with individuals in departments and services responsible for ensuring that their sites are compliant with the guidelines. Governance of social media will be treated in the same way as any other University communications channel. The Marketing Communications team will support colleagues in the Colleges to ensure that social media activity is meeting University objectives and ensure that the corporate channels are being used effectively to achieve wider University aims.

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