Linking Social Media and your Website

Advice for staff who wish to link their departmental website and social media accounts.

Once you have spoken to Victoria Russell (Marketing Communications) and have a social media account that is active and well maintained, you may wish to direct people on your website to the account. Providing a link to your social media accounts on your website makes it easier for people to find and will increase visits.

In order to create a consistent feel across the University website, we have created a number of buttons to help you do this. There are buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google+ and the official Staff Blog site that are intended for use in a portlet.

The icons are stored in a publicly accessible folder in the University's website. If you'd like to use the icons on one of your web pages then it's important that you use the icons from their current location as opposed to making copies of the icons and uploading the duplicate versions to your own web site. This is because the icons might be updated in the future when the website undergoes a redesign. The centrally kept icons will be updated to fit the new design, any duplicates that you make will not and may therefore become outdated.

Adding an icon into your web page is just like inserting any other image. The only difference being that you don't add the icons into your central Images directory, you navigate to the central File Icons directory instead.

Once you have logged into Plone, entered into edit mode of a page, placed the cursor where you'd like the icon to appear and then clicked the Insert Image button, the process of adding an icon is as follows:

1.Navigate to the correct Images directory [University of Leicester>Offices>Division of External Relations>Marketing Communications Office>Communications>Social Media>Images>Social Media Icons (written in blue text)]

2.Select the icon that you'd like to use from the list

3.Ensure the alignment is set to inline

4.Ensure caption is not ticked

5.Set the size to original

6.Click the Insert button

Below is an example of a large icon with text, recommended when you are only using one or two icons in a portlet.


The thumbnail icons, without text, are recommended if you are using multiple icons in your portlet.

Flickr Linkedin

Please note that it is recommended that all icons be used in a portlet, as per the examples to the right.

If you require any help or advice using these icons, please contact Victoria Russell, Online Communications Officer, or telephone 0116 233 1244.

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Large icon example

This is an example of one large icon for use in a portlet


Small icon example

This is an example of multiple small icons to be used in a portlet


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