Style Conventions

To help convey a professional impression to our audiences, it is essential that we are consistent in the typographical conventions used in our marketing copy.

The most common University conventions are listed below. If you have any queries about anything not covered below please contact Sam Winter, ext.3613.


Do not use full stops in abbreviations, or spaces between initials. It is not necessary to spell out very well known abbreviations such as EU. However the rules which apply to jargon also apply here.


Not Advisor.


Avoid use (unless part of a company name such as Marks & Spencer).


Use a hyphen.



Should be upper case e.g. Head of Department, Senior Lecturer.


Should be upper case e.g. BA (Hons) Management Studies.


Should be upper case if written in full, as a stand alone e.g. Sociology of Health and Illness. Should be written in lower case if part of the main text e.g. On this course you study the sociology of health and illness.


Should be lower case e.g. students will study subjects including sociology of health.


Should be upper case if written in full e.g. Department of Engineering and when referring to the Department.


Should always be capped up when referring specifically to the University of Leicester e.g. students attending the University.

Christian name

Use first name or forename instead.


Write in full as 21 September 2012.


All lower case and no hyphen.


See: Numbers


Cap up e.g. Leicester Royal Infirmary. Always write hospital names in full as ‘the Royal’ is unlikely to mean anything to people outside of Leicester.


Use where to not do so would be ambiguous e.g 'two three-day courses' is clearer than 'two three day courses'. Also use them in part-time and full-time.


net, web etc – all lower case. website should be one word.


Spell out one to nine and use figures for 10 onwards. The exceptions are when using a range where they should all be figures e.g. 3-15 rather than three-15, or when a sentence begins with a number where it should be written out.


One word. No hyphen.


Always write in full, not Prof.

University of Leicester

Not UoL

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